Özlem Altın: Dance

Page Not Found is delighted to invite you to meet visual artist Özlem Altın. She will present her latest publication, “Dance”, and unveil a new mini-edition, made especially for our event.

In her work, Özlem Altın draws especially from the comprehensive collection of images and texts that she has intuitively compiled from various sources and, moreover, from her own drawings and photographs. Altın transforms the exhibition space into a kind of stage, into a site for performing a visual programme, the elements of which emerge, surface, and then disappear again, similar to a clue or trail. The focus of this programme rests with the body, the languages of bodies, the gestures, the suggested movements and changes in posture. The body, for Altın, is a vehicle for transferring knowledge, experience, a vehicle of communication and exchange.

Özlem Altın (b.1977) is a visual artist based in Berlin. She is a graduate of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (MA) and the Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem (BA). Selected solo shows include 10th Berlin Biennale (2018), Camera Austria, Graz (2017), Vleeshal (as part of OAOA), Middelburg (2015), Cathartic ballet at Circus in Berlin (2013), Rhythm of Resemblance at Günther-Peill Foundation at the Leopold Hoesch Museum in Düren (2012) and Ianus (My memory of what happened is not what happened) at Fondazione Morra Greco in Naples (2010). Özlem Altın is the founder of Orient Press publishing house in Berlin and the member of the Oceans Academy of Arts (OAOA).

Doors open at 20:00.