The Year of the Rat, a lecture-performance by Juliette Blightman

We were honoured to host celebrated artist Juliette Blightman for a lecture-performance, at the occasion of our second anniversary. “The Year of the Rat” follows “The Year of the Pig” (Kölnischen Kunstverein, 2018), “The Year of the Cock” (UDK Berlin, 2017) and “The Year of the Monkey” (ArtCenter, Los Angeles, 2017). Blightman’s ongoing PhD at the Royal College of Arts (London) is a practice-based investigation into the boundaries of domestic space, creative production, and gender. Her thesis aims to cohere as an autobiographical account of her experience, read in parts during her performative lectures, which incorporate other artists’ works and films, along with her own.

Juliette Blightman (b. 1980, UK) lives and works in Berlin. She studied at Central Saint Martins and Byam Shaw School of Art. Working with various media and forms her films, drawings, performances, installations and texts draw an exploration on the ordinariness of everyday life and its ritualised dimensions, the notions of radical subjectivity and the personal and public spheres of life. Her work evokes moments of shared intimacy between friends and reminds the viewer that art and everyday life always happen alongside each other.

Blightman’s solo exhibitions include Femme Maison, Felix Gaudlitz, Vienna, Austria (2019), ReLAtions, O-TOWN HOUSE, Los Angeles, USA (2018) Extimacy, Kunsthalle Bern (2016); Portraits and Repetition, South London Gallery (2015-16); Juliette Blightman / Ellie Epp, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe (2015); Come inside, Bitte, Eden Eden, Berlin (2015); Eden Eden Eden, Karma International LA, USA among others. Juliette Blightman is represented by Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi (Berlin) and Fons Welters Gallery (Amsterdam).

Blightman’s book “Scripts, Descriptions and Essays”, published by Koenig Books in 2018, is “a fragile inventory, using lists, prose and a few pasted-in images of the artist’s performances and exhibitions in Basel, Berlin, London, New York, Vienna, etc. It’s a chronicle of an artist’s life told through a decade of transit, and the friends, relationships and experiences along the way.” (Pablo Larios, Frieze Magazine, 24 December 2019)

We thank Julia Mullié for suggesting this event.


Starts at 19:30.