Maria Barnas and Nathalie Bruys: Variations on The Truth

Page Not Found is delighted to start 2020 with an evening of poetry and sound art by Ships to Nowhere.

Maria Barnas (poet and visual artist) and Nathalie Bruys (sound composer and visual artist) have been working together on and off since Max A Max B in 2001. Only recently they have finally come up with a name for themselves: Ships to Nowhere and are still doubting if this is the right one.

At Page Not Found Barnas and Bruys will present a selection of their wide range of works, ranging from Max A Max B, about leading double lives, to The Lost Park, about an actual park that turned into fiction, and Song for Three Rooms, about… ?

Barnas and Bruys will expand on the works and share their ideas and insights which will probably change as they speak. If anything can be said about their work, it is that it provides variations on the truth. Questions may be asked; answers can not be guaranteed.

A live performance of their most recent work Sound Shine Files, a conversation between two future robots who chance upon a leftover clump of human civilisation, will most probably complement the evening.


Starts at 20:00.