??? Part I: AnnaMaria Pinaka

Page Not Found invites you during three consecutive events to discover publishing artists who share an interest in sexualized representations and renewing the discourse about them, and more generally in feminist agency in their production. During her event, AnnaMaria Pinaka will talk about her experiments with a methodology she calls porno-graphing. This involves the reappropriation of sexual and pornographic representations to propose alternative mappings of sexual intimacy. The discussion aims to address the binary position of art/porn, public/private and healthy/pathological by pointing to the excess of space that spans these positionings.

AnnaMaria Pinaka is a visual artist and researcher. In her work, she mainly focuses on the intimacies of domestic life while re-appropriating sexual or pornographic imagery through lens-based media, a method she conceptualizes in her written work as porno-graphing. She recently finished her PhD at the department of Theatre and Performance at Roehampton University, a project that took her almost eight years. Part of her practice-based research is now published as a zine by Onomatopee. The publication, that is titled Porno-graphing, carries the subtitle ‘What do dirty sexual subjectivities do to art?’ and it discusses different positions in the art/porn debate as well as the ways in which porno-graphing strategies can mediate between binary stances.

Doors open at 20:00.