Chapter 2 – Claudine: performance-reading by Ariane Toussaint

Page Not Found is happy to invite you to a performative reading by artist Ariane Toussaint of her latest book “Chapter 2 – Claudine”. The performance will take place at 20:00, 21:00 and 22:00, in a decor created by the artist, including photographs and source material from the book.

Ariane Toussaint (b. 1996, France) is an artist based in The Netherlands. She works with textual and visual narratives rooted in personal stories. Her artistic practice is an investigation of the links between the word, image and materiality of objects aiming to render the power of fiction of rearranging one’s own narrative.

In the first half of 2020, Page Not Found’s program focuses on tangible photography. The dematerialization of the image created for some artists with a photographic practice a desire for tangibility, that is: for a materiality accessible by touch. Publishing appears in this context as a natural strategy to answer this desire and to reinstate the photographic image in its materiality. This program presents a large selection of publishing practices to show the diversity of their approaches.

“Chapter 2 – Claudine” is a story about family, love and loneliness narrated through a visual investigation of the hoarding disorder of Toussaint’s great-aunt Claudine. The book is built as a theater play, guiding the reader through layers of personal testimonies and history. Photographs and words weave the great tapestry of time in which the artist reconnects to forgotten paths, suppressed traumas and intimacy.


Starts at 19:00.