Matt Plezier: Reclaiming (Public) Space

Page Not Found was thrilled to host Matt Pezier for the launch of the second issue of “Hollanditis”. This ongoing publishing project by Matt Plezier chronicles the visual culture of protest, past and present, in the form of a newspaper. During this event, Matt will discuss with his guests the necessity of disrupting (public) space and how poster-making is a relevant strategy for change. Protest posters, old and new, will be exhibited.

Matt Plezier is a self-taught Dutch visual artist based in The Hague. Under the label MonoRhetorik, he has self published zines, prints and art books, in true DIY spirit. MonoRhetorik is the recipient of the prestigious Shannon Michael Cane Award 2018.

Matt Plezier’s work reflects upon issues of alienation, anonymity, (in)visibility and ways of constructing and disseminating narrative, mirroring his own multi-cultural background. His publications provide viewers with a different narrative in an unambiguous and sometimes confrontational form.  His work has been shown at the DIY Cultures Fair (London, UK), Fruit Art book fair (Bologna, IT), Palais de Tokyo’s Ass Book Fair (Paris, FR), Offprint art book fair (Paris, FR), and the New York Art Book Fair (US). The themes vary from hardcore punk to urban photography, installation based work to queer apparel and zines.