THE DOLLZ TAKOVA – presentation by Daniel Walton

In the first half of 2020, our program will focus on tangible photography. The dematerialization of the image created for some artists with a photographic practice a desire for tangibility, that is: for a materiality accessible by touch. Publishing appears in this context as a natural strategy to answer this desire and to reinstate the photographic image in its materiality. This program presents a large selection of publishing practices to show the diversity of their approaches.

To start our program, we invite you to discover the work of Daniel Walton via a talk about their photographic artistic practice and a display of their work on paper in our new project space.

Daniel Walton allows us into the world they are apart of. This event is a celebration and a home to the bodies that live in the identity of queerness and difference. You are invited to engage with the represented bodies of strength and power, the doors are open for all to take a visitation of the underground world that exudes resistance and flamboyancy.

Photographer Daniel Waltonn aka Flamboya Dior represents the queer and trans worlds of The Netherlands and South Africa, their home country. They work with subjects who embody tenderness and power, mirroring their personal experiences in life.


Starts at 19:30.