FAR CLOSER exhibition

“Far Closer”, presenting works of our dear volunteers is on view in our window at Boekhorststraat 128 until January 14.
If you happen to stroll around, please come and peek into our witch bottle, populated by mythical beings, drowned in melancholic shades.
The exhibition presents a staged family portrait of sorts, inviting distant relatives and other enigmatic characters around the table — Anubis Dog with pearl teeth, a Rabbit chased by arrows, a Grass Pillow, Found Gloves reading haikus and rolling poetry cigs with X–2020 QOX ÆDOX, amongst others.

With works by Anna Moschioni and Brechje Krah, Daisy Madden-Wells, Ella Wang Olsson, Kamila Sipika, Paulina Trzeciak, Shana de Villiers, Silke Riis, and Xenia Klein.

❗️Please note that due to the newly announced restrictions, Page Not Found is closed until further notice, but the exhibition in the window display is freely accessible at all times.