Intermission IV: Stellar OM Source

Page Not Found has invited artists to occupy the current surreal intermission with a soundtrack loosely based on literature, spoken word, poetry, storytelling.

We are very happy with this week’s Intermission by Stellar Om Source.
“Oh Mon Frère” appears on the rare 7inch, which accompanies “Algia Naturalis” publication. “Algia Naturalis” is a collection of poems, meditating on the mental furniture of plants and their ability to grief. Sounds and words were collected in the woods during the residency at Het Vijfde Seizoen. The book, including the record are available at Page Not Found.

Please visit our Soundcloud to listen

Stellar OM Source is the project of Christelle Gualdi, a French-Italian music producer, DJ and architect born in Paris and based in Belgium. Active for more than a decade, Christelle’s acclaimed 2013 album Joy One Mile and Nite Glo (2015), both on the boundary-pushing New-York label RVNG Intl firmly established her as an artist to watch out for. Both releases settled her musical direction. She creates enveloping environments, given shape by the rush of live performance and bring elements of techno, house and new-wave in a unique musical palette, marking out her signature of emotive uplifting melodies and contagious, bassline-centered grooves.