Tangible Photography: Tatjana Erpen, online artist talk

Page Not Found, together with The Balcony, is delighted to invite you to an online artist talk by artist and photographer Tatjana Erpen.

This event marks the third instalment of our Tangible Photography program, which started at the beginning of 2020 and was postponed due to the pandemic. The dematerialization of the image created for some artists with a photographic practice a desire for tangibility, that is: for a materiality accessible by touch. Publishing appears in this context as a natural strategy to answer this desire and to reinstate the photographic image in its materiality. This program presents a large selection of publishing practices to show the diversity of their approaches.

Upon the finissage of the “Days of our Lives” exhibition curated by artist-run space The Balcony, we are excited to invite Tatjana Erpen to introduce her practice and to expand on her unique approach to publishing.

Tatjana Erpen (1980) lives and works in Lucerne, CH. Erpen’s practice is based on in-depth research at the interface between history, documentation and memory. In doing so, she dares to look at the supposedly unspectacular in order to create sublime content-related complexity with simple means. Her recent publication “Empty fire in my phone” (2019) assembles images, which are characterised by a magical ambivalence, caught in limbo between present and memory. Through pictorial-poetic condensations Erpen succeeds in awakening associations. Photographically captured objects and spaces are alienated and reinterpreted by means of manual screen printing. 

The Balcony is an artist-initiative based in The Hague run by Arthur Cordier and Valentino Russo. The duo organizes exhibitions in two locations, a vitrine space and a project space.

Starts at 18:00. Reserve your free ticket here.