Experimental Publishing Festival: window.open()

We are pleased to invite you to window.open(), a day-long festival, held by students and alumni of the Master of Experimental Publishing (XPUB), Piet Zwart Institute at Page Not Found. 

A window is a framing device, an interface through which we can look inside, to spaces where small groups meet, and outside to the world beyond. Screens and windows delineate boundaries between public and private. We adjust, in order to be able to communicate within a temporary window of time, reframing our intentions and seeking opportunities to share some real-time realness.

window.open() at PNF will be an interface for the XPUB program to communicate with the public inside and outside of the physical space. We adjust, using windows in the street and in the browser in order to be able to communicate. Through this dialogical interface attitudes, perspectives, backgrounds and situations are explored together in a program consisting of presentations, workshops, publication launches, conversations and performances which take place both online and offline.

Program Schedule:

12:00-17:00 XPUB Bookshop (offline)

12:00-14:00 HAM DISTRO (online)

As a launch activity for the Collectiveioning publication, the XPUB class of 2019-2020 invites the public to join them to inhabit the cells of an collaborative online spreadsheet. 

14:00-15:00 OUIJA SEANCE (online, every 20 minutes)

Together we spell out our hopes, fears, suspicions, desires and more through an ever-changing multi-user whiteboard.

15:00-16:00 BLANK PAGE SYNDROME (offline)

Join offline for a curated read and conversation around Saturn, where we’ll attempt together to re-actualize the image of this age-old villain, by digging into its oldest mythologies. 

16:00-17:00 LINGO BINGO (offline)

Feeling lucky? Shoot your shot during our XPUB1 Bingo! We will roll the drum for you, and with every word you stripe off your card, you are getting closer to winning one of our hot and very exclusive prices from our previous issues!

16:00-17:00 Civil Entertainment Sirens® (offline)

Civil Entertainment Sirens® consists of a series of polyphonic textures performed from a Web oscillator instrument currently under development. This audiovisual performance is willing to explore different combinations of sound frequencies for your own entertainment. 

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