Solitary Solidarity I — Shy Radicals screening

For the first instalment of the cycle ‘Solitary Solidarity’, curated by Hamja Ahsan, Page Not Found presents a physical screening of the film Shy Radicals.

Shy Radicals is a portrait of Hamja Ahsan and the story behind his remarkable book and satirical manifesto, which calls for all shy, quiet, and introverted people to unify and overthrow Extrovert-Supremacy.

In his book Shy Radicals, Hamja Ahsan has not simply created an artwork, he has created a world that blurs the boundaries between creator and creation, between real life and the life of the imagination, between reality and an imagined fiction in which he is a leading character.

The documentary follows Hamja as he deals with the trauma and despair of his brother’s extradition case, whilst traveling the world inspiring and educating others through creativity and activism.

Signed to Ridley Scott’s Black Dog Films, director Tom Dream’s expertise lies in collaboration, working closely with artists to create truly original music videos and documentary films.

Style-nostalgia, nature, and psychology are recurring themes that feature strongly in Tom’s work, with a passion for capturing ongoing stories as they unfold, illuminating the people behind the music and unpicking human dynamics.

Tom has a background in music and psychology and currently lives in a 1970s location house in Margate.

Starts at 19:00. Reserve your free ticket here.