Page of Possibilities — Workshop for kids

Page of Possibilities introduces children (ages 4-12) in a playful manner to the practice of self-publishing. They will discover the colourful and creative world of artist books and learn how to make their own small publication. 

The Page Of Possibilities workshops are bilingual (English and Dutch) and take place every Sunday in our project space at the Boekhorststraat 128. Sessions are led by an artist and art teacher with a broad experience in educative projects, combining children’s play with art and DIY graphic techniques to stimulate creative exchange and collaboration. Page of Possibilities was inspired by the pedagogics of Célestin Freinet, who started the l’École Moderne in France in 1947. In his modern schools the emphasis was on children-led education: a printing press was placed in the middle of the school and children shared their experiences and thoughts via self-made books and pamphlets. 

To reserve a spot for the workshop please write to

And for more information about the workshop in Dutch visit the Cultuurschakel agenda.

The workshops take place from 15:00-16:30. Free entrance.