Launch “Koen Taselaar. Rollable Ramblings” + Special Edition

We are happy to invite you to an afternoon launch celebrating the new book ”Koen Taselaar. Rollable Ramblings.”

During the launch Taselaar will also present a special edition commissioned by Page Not Found. Discover this jacquard-woven feline story, wear it as a bookmark, use it as a scarf or wrap it around your whiskers. Our favorite gift idea for this season!

The work of Koen Taselaar is a unique universe in which only he determines the rules. He makes skilful drawings, but also clumsy ceramics and elaborate tapestries. Taselaar’s visual language emerged from the grey area in which text is not only meaning but also form. He expresses this in drawn puns, imaginary record sleeves or large psychedelic paintings.

”Koen Taselaar. Rollable Ramblings” is the first comprehensive publication on the artist’s textile work. The majority of Rollable Ramblings comprises reproductions of his tapestries, and zoom-ins on them. This visual component is complemented with essays shedding light on the works, and on the history of textile art in general, written by art critic Katalin Herzog. The book was made in collaboration with Textiellab, the professional workshop of the TextielMuseum, and published by Jap Sam Books.

In September of 2020 Taselaar presented the solo show ‘Opinionated Aquarium’ at Page Not Found, where some of the tapestries seen in the book were first revealed to the public.

Launch starts at 15:00.