“The-foot-in the-door” commission | Arthur Cordier

Page Not Found proudly presents a two-fold commissioned work ‘The-foot-in the-door’ by artist Arthur Cordier. ‘The-foot-in the-door’ comprises an engraved door handle and a mirrored text work in our storefront window.

To reflect on the restricted circulation of beings ‘The-foot-in the-door’ is an idiom engraved as a commercial trick used by door-to-door salespersons, in negotiation as well as in commercial communication on the entrance door handle of Page Not Found. ‘The-foot-in the-door’ comes alongside an elevator-pitch conversation with oneself about consistency, doubts and asking favors – displayed on a shop window to be read from inside. ‘The-foot-in the-door’ is a publication in the form of a door handle.

Arthur Cordier’s (b. 1993, BE, lives and works in The Hague, NL) practice tackles the aesthetics of bureaucracy, entrepreneurship, and efficiency through relational, situational and context-specific works. They often self-reflect upon artistic practice and the entangled economies of art in a production-driven society. In addition to his practice he co-initiates the studio & project space The Balcony, The Hague (NL), and contributes as guest curator to Art au Centre Liège (BE).

‘The-foot-in the-door’ is accessible from the street. The window text will be on view until February 10.