“Letter of Resignation” by Jakob Jakobsen

On February 10, we unveil “Letter of Resignation” by Jakob Jakobsen, installed in our front window at Boekhorststraat 128! This painfully acute letter, which evinces the precarious position of artists, can be viewed any time from our street, until March 20.

This year will see a new series of Open Letters, selected through an open call to be announced soon. The project invites local artists to occupy our storefront window with messages of urgency and vulnerability. Jakob Jakobsen’s letter inaugurates the upcoming series with a poignant message, difficult to shrug off.

Jakob Jakobsen is a visual artist and writer. Self-organization has driven his practice throughout, and over the years he has built a number of autonomous institutions such as the Free University of Copenhagen, the Hospital Prison University Archive and most recently the Hospital for Self Medication. While living in London in the nineties he ran a project room called Info Center and the irregular journal Infopool. He has shown extensively internationally including the 31st Sao Paulo Biennale and at Documenta 13. He lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin. He abolished himself as a professional artist in 2021.