Difficult Pictures — a film night with videos by Brett Milspaw and Kai Althoff’s publications.

On the occasion of Hoogtij #68, Page Not Found presents a film night with a selection of music videos by filmmaker Brett Milspaw, for the first time shown in Europe. The screening is accompanied by a selection of publications by Milspaw’s long time collaborator – the contemporary artist Kai Althoff.

The video program includes short videos for the collaborative music projects ‘FANAL’ (Althoff) and ‘Arizona’ (Althoff + Milspaw). All of the video works are directed by Milspaw and reveal his fluid stylistic approach and masterful ability to capture the morose complexities and intricacies of life with intimacy and insight.

The special screening at Page Not Found weaves together a series of story lines, exhaled characters, distorted realities, and perplexing mysteries. These pervasive elements in the visual language of both artists, find their continuation in the printed matter around Kai Althoff’s oeuvre assembled and presented during this event.

Brett Milspaw is a New York-based writer and filmmaker with a background in fine art. After discovering video as his chosen medium, he began making music videos and short vignettes, and in 2017 began producing commercial work and short films under the umbrella of the production company Difficult Pictures. He is in the process of developing his first feature-length film to be shot in 2023.

Hoogtij #68 takes place from 19:00 to 23:00. Entry is free.

Image caption: film still from ‘Earth Fantasy’ directed by Brett Milspaw.