Rewire Festival: RITUAL — Zine Launch

Curated by Rewire in collaboration with media researcher and musician Katía Truijen, the discourse programme RITUAL functions as a multitude of compositions for cohesion and community. While often described as spiritual and transcendent, rituals equally ground us into our daily lives and help us connect with our surroundings, each other, and ourselves. 

RITUAL shares a zine designed by Fallon Does, which includes contributions from M Lamar, Brandon LaBelle, artist Grouper, poet Momtaza Mehri and FUJI|||||||||||TA. The zine is freely available during all RITUAL programmed events and will be launched at Page Not Found on Friday 8 April with a series of sonic meditations shared by composer and vocalist Kristin Norderval. 

All Rewire events at Page Not Found are free and open to the public. No festival ticket is needed to attend.

Starts at 16:00.