Open Letters: “there is so much to talk about” by Zela Odessa Palmer

Page Not Found starts off a new series of Open Letters with Zela Odessa Palmer’s work “there is so much to talk about”, in which the artist addresses the pressures and expectations laid on identity within contemporary art climates, asking “would it be enough to just make art and be myself?”

The Open Letters project invites The Hague artists to occupy our large storefront window with messages of urgency and vulnerability. Open Letters are on view in our front window for the duration of a month, and are freely accessible from the street at any time. 

Open Letters gives artists and writers room to publicly reflect on our current times. The project is inspired by Paul Maheke’s short essay ‘The year I stopped making art. Why the art world should assist artists beyond representation; in solidarity.’, published on the 18th of March 2020. In the essay Maheke channels voices of urgency from precarious figures who practice their art without structural support, ranging from the witch to the single parent to those struggling with mental health issues. “The Year I Stopped Making Art.” was the first Letter published in our storefront and was followed by five Letters by The Hague artists in 2021.

Zela Odessa Palmer (1997) is a visual artist based in The Hague, Netherlands, currently studying at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Zela’s open letter is accessible any time from the street and will stay on view until August 30, 2022.