Open Letters: “Masc Green” by Danit Ariel

We are happy to share “Masc Green” by Danit Ariel, the second chapter in our new series of Open Letters!

The Open Letters project invites The Hague artists to occupy our large storefront window with messages of urgency and vulnerability.

“Masc Green” is a celebration of expansive masculinity. Danit Ariel wrote this text the day after Sarah Everard was killed, when for a brief moment, there was collective engagement in conversations around toxic masculinity. The dominant narrative at the time seemed to be that cis men had no one to look towards for examples of healthy masculinity. And so “Masc Green” was born as a call to look around. To look properly and beyond the binary. Look to trans mascs and queers, butches and dykes. To choose them as your role models for masculinity.

Danit Ariel is a Queer Jewish visual artist and writer attempting to construct an empathic gaze. Ariel’s research asks how we share and hold each other’s stories, as well as how art can create new ways of ‘meeting’; with an emphasis on platforming marginalised narratives.

“Masc Green” is on view in our front window for the duration of a month, and is freely accessible from the street at any time.