Typographic Night IV — With Charlotte Rohde, Jules Janssen and Full Auto Foundry (Benjamin McMillan)

We welcome you to the fourth Typographic Night at Page Not Found, curated by Trang Ha and Paulina Trzeciak.

“Typographic Nights” are a space for graphic designers and the public to gather around understandings and misunderstandings of the graphic design process. Audience members are asked to bring texts which they would like to see transformed into visual works. These could be either small pieces of their own writing, borrowed fragments, or hand-picked inspirational quotes. The invited designers and typographers will materialise these texts into beautiful printed matter on the spot, demonstrating their skills and knowledge. Works will be printed the same night, ready to take home. Together we will reveal the curiosity, fun, improvisation and care that are part of graphic design, from choosing a typeface to applying analog materials, and much more!

This Typographic Night features live design performances by Charlotte Rohde, Jules Janssen and Full Auto Foundry (Benjamin McMillan).

Charlotte Rohde (1992) is an artist and typographer based in Amsterdam. Her work explores written and designed language as a tool of dealing with hyperfemininity, pop culture and (self-)control. She is currently the Guest Professor for typography and type design at Bauhaus Universität Weimar. As a ShyPerformanceArtist™, Charlotte creates typographic imagery as visual voices, or, external bodies, which she uses to execute the scores she is not ready to perform with her own body.

Jules Janssen (1995) is a graphic designer & illustrator from The Netherlands who is in constant occupational therapy through self-referential home crafting. Jules likes to make do with everyday cute tools and minimal cute effort. By being desperately dedicated to mistakes he likes to assume that swimming against the current can help, or at least entertain, the community. Jules also does serious branding, printed matter, web design, illustration & animation as he works with clients in the arts, fashion, media and music. He freshly finished a BA in Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

Full Auto Foundry (Benjamin McMillan) is a graphic designer and type designer based in Amsterdam, hosting as well as running Full Auto Foundry, an experimental workshop based type foundry that explores how processes of automation can influence type design in form and method through a series of physical tools and digital scripts. Furthermore he works as assistant designer for the Dutch art magazine Metropolis M and as a studio assistant for MacGuffin Magazine.

Trang Ha is a multidisciplinary designer/artist based in The Hague (NL). She uses the language of design to observe and address cultural complexities presented in modern society. Her frequent subjects are food, community, alternative knowledge, storytelling and ecology. In her practice, Trang underlines the importance of collaboration, an environment in which different thoughts can mingle and “contaminate” each other to achieve a more layered and inclusive outcome. Besides her personal works, Trang is also taking commissions in the field of creative coding and catering. She finished her BA Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK) in 2020.

Paulina Trzeciak is a visual artist and designer with a wide range of artistic practices. Paulina is currently based in The Hague (NL), where she is finishing her BA Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK). Paulina’s practice is highly influenced by her academic background, as seen in her frequent incorporation of social theories and political perspectives. In the field of design, her main interests are conceptual design, digital culture and curation. Besides these interests, she is equally fascinated by the use of fictional elements in design. She believes in its power to explore possible futures by creating speculative and alternative scenarios, shaping the complexity of the social-political landscape.

If you have written materials (quick notes, midnight ideas, observations, poems, lyrics, etc!) which you’d like to see designed and printed, please submit them to the form.

Starts at 18:00. Entrance is free and on a walk-in basis, no reservation is required.