Hackers & Designers: First, Then… Repeat. Workshop Scripts in Practice

Be welcome at Page Not Found to celebrate the new Hackers & Designers publication “First, Then… Repeat. Workshop Scripts in Practice”, with a series of workshops!

Hackers & Designers will take this occasion to present, activate and reflect on workshop scripts in practice. The book will be on view and for sale, and Page Not Found will host several workshops that are open for visitors to join.

The publication, installation (built with the fanfare display system) and workshop program are part of the artistic research project of designer, educator and Hackers & Designers member Anja Groten at PhDArts, Academy for Creative and Performing Arts Leiden and the Making Matters project.

Workshop program:

Thursday 24 November, 13.00–18.00: Open House

Come check out the Hackers & Designers installation with the fanfare display system! The publication “First, Then… Repeat. Workshop Scripts in Practice” will be on view and for sale in our bookstore.

Friday 25 November & Sunday 27 November, 13.00–18.00: ChattyPub walk-in workshop

In this walk-in workshop participants can explore together with the workshop hosts the experimental and instant publishing tool ChattyPub. ChattyPub allows for the creating small publications collectively and on the spot. Participants can join the platform and work on their own devices (computers/tablets/phones) or use one of the computers that will be available at the location. There will be a thermal print station on which zine output can be printed instantly. The workshop will accommodate different levels of engagement. Participants may get involved in all layers of the publishing workflow (writing content, designing the publication with ChattyPub, coding the css styles that determine the design…) or choose to focus on just one aspect. You are welcome to stop by at any moment to join this hands-on session. No prior experience/skills are required. Find more information about the workshop here.

Saturday 26 November, 12.00–16.30: Workshop Emoji Proxies & Ghost Messengers

As an online visitor to cultural events, you can often do little more than ask a question in chat, and chat with other online visitors. How can online visitors feel seen, become more involved in or even have agency over what happens on-site? This is something we’re going to explore during this workshop. Together with The Hmm, Hackers & Designers developed a tool that makes use of standalone wifi hotspots (ESP32 modules) and live networking protocols (MQTT) that allows online input to be translated into something physical, and vice versa. For example, every time an online visitor opens the livestream page, a spotlight shines in the physical space. There are many use cases possible, but how can it help an event really be influenced by the presence of an online audience? This workshop doesn’t require knowledge of programming. It’s free to join, but registration is required. Find more information about the workshop here.


Please read the Hackers & Designers Code of Conduct before joining the activities.

The space of Page Not Found is mostly wheelchair accessible with the exception of the rest room. Please let us know if you have any access needs that should be taken into consideration.