• 02/12/2022 – 29/01/2023

    Lugemik 100 Books — Exhibition and book launches

    Hooray! At Page Not Found we celebrate 100 publications by the Estonian publisher Lugemik with a brand new alternating exhibition!

    The exhibition presents all the 100 titles published by Lugemik in 2010–2022. On the occasion of the show Lugemik publishes its 100th book – a catalogue consisting of one page from each title Lugemik has published so far. Every week an artist from the recent publications by Lugemik will transform the project space of Page Not Found for the duration of a week. A program of book launches by the contributing artists takes place correspondingly.

    The alternating exhibition presents work of the artists:

    Kristina Õllek, 2–8 December 2022

    Marge Monko, 9–15 December 2022

    Lene Baadsvig Ørmen, 16–22 December 2022

    Dear Friend, 14–19 January 2023

    and Erika Hock, 21–29 January 2023

    On 2 December we open the exhibition and kick off with the book launch of Kristina Õllek’s newest publication “Filter Feeders, Double Binds and Other Blooms”. On 14 January Sandra Nuut and Ott Kagovere of Dear Friend launch the “Dear Friend Catalogue”, and on 21 January we present a double book launch of Erika Hock’s “Functionality and Fiction” and “Female Fame”.

    About Lugemik

    Lugemik is an independent publishing initiative based in Tallinn, Estonia, founded in 2010 by graphic designer Indrek Sirkel and artist Anu Vahtra. In 2013, Lugemik opened its first bookshop on the premises of the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) and in 2020, its second location under Tallinn Art Hall.

    Lugemik is currently run by Indrek Sirkel. Indrek Sirkel (b. 1984) is a graphic designer, educator and publisher based in Tallinn. In 2015, he became the head of the Department of Graphic Design of the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) and in 2020 was elected to be the professor of Graphic Design. Since September 2022 he is a junior researcher and a doctoral student at the Doctoral School of EKA.

    About the artists

    Kristina Õllek (b. 1989) is a visual artist based in Tallinn. She works in the field of photography, video, and installation, investigating representational processes, geological matter, aquatic ecosystems, and the human-made environment. Õllek’s works have been exhibited at A Tale of A Tub (Rotterdam), Laurel Project Space (Amsterdam), Le Lieu Unique (Nantes), and Screen City Biennial (Stavanger), amongst others.

    Marge Monko (b. 1976) is a visual artist who lives and works in Tallinn. Monko works with photography, video, and installation. Her works are inspired by historical images and theories of psycho-analysis, feminism, and visual culture. She works as a professor in the Department of Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

    Lene Baadsvig Ørmen (b. 1984) lives and works in Oslo. Solo exhibitions include: Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen (2020), Billedhoggerforeningen, Oslo (2019), Gallery Augusta, Helsinki (2016), Kunstnerforbundet (2016), UKS (2015), Kunsthall Stavanger (2015), and Another Space, Copenhagen (2014).

    Erika Hock (b. 1981) examinates the physical and the socio-cultural function of temporary architectures. Her mostly spacious installations are exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions and have been shown in the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Marta Herford, WIELS Brussels, Loop Seoul and the Salzburger Kunst-verein, among others.

    Ott Kagovere (b. 1983) of Dear Friend is a Tallinn-based graphic designer and the head of the Department of Graphic Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

    Sandra Nuut (b. 1987) of Dear Friend is a curator at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM). Her work includes writing, lecturing and curatorial projects in the design field. Previously she worked at the Estonian Academy of Arts and New York based gallery Chamber.


    The exhibition runs from 2 December 2022 to 29 January 2023, and is open for visits during our regular opening times, Wednesday through Sunday, 13:00-18:00.

  • 10/12/2022

    Typographic Night V — With Bart De Baets, Elisabeth Klement and Frank Grießhammer

    We welcome you to the fifth Typographic Night at Page Not Found, curated by Trang Ha and Paulina Trzeciak.

    “Typographic Nights” are a space for graphic designers and the public to gather around understandings and misunderstandings of the graphic design process. Audience members are asked to bring texts which they would like to see transformed into visual works. These could be either small pieces of their own writing, borrowed fragments, or hand-picked inspirational quotes. The invited designers and typographers will materialise these texts into beautiful printed matter on the spot, demonstrating their skills and knowledge. Works will be printed the same night, ready to take home. Together we will reveal the curiosity, fun, improvisation and care that are part of graphic design, from choosing a typeface to applying analog materials, and much more!

    This Typographic Night features live design performances by Bart De Baets, Elisabeth Klement and Frank Grießhammer.

    Bart de Baets (Knokke, 1979) is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. His design for Sandberg Institute’s temporary master programme The Radical Cut Up was nominated for a Dutch Design Award. PostNL commissioned him to design a series of stamps which he titled “Talk to the Hand”. He, together with Sandra Kassenaar designs the next ten issues of Forum, a magazine published by AetA, the Dutch architects’ society. The two also design the graphic identity of Kunstmuseum Bochum. He is the designer of “On the Necessity of Gardening. An ABC of Art, Botany and Cultivation”, which has been published by Valiz Publishers as part of the exhibition “The Botanical Revolution” in the Centraal Museum, Utrecht. In 2022, the book received the prestigious Goldene Letter award from the Stiftung Buchkunst. Bart has been teaching design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague since 2009.

    Elisabeth Klement is an Estonian graphic designer, teacher at Gerrit Rietveld Academie and initiator of San Serriffe (with Pieter Verbeke).

    Frank Grießhammer (Nuremberg, 1983) studied graphic design at HBKsaar in Saarbrücken, Germany, and at ISIA in Florence, Italy. In 2010, he graduated from Type & Media Master program at KABK The Hague. After TypeMedia, he worked with FontShop International in Berlin, and in 2011, he relocated to California to be part of the Adobe Type Team. In 2018, Frank returned to The Hague, to continue working for Adobe, from the cozy P104 Studio. Frank works at the intersection of code and design. He is periodically teaching workshops in type design programs across Europe. Several of his typefaces have been recognized by international awards.

    If you have written materials (quick notes, midnight ideas, observations, poems, lyrics, etc!) which you’d like to see designed and printed, please submit them to the form.

    Starts at 18:00. Entrance is free and on a walk-in basis, no reservation is required.

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✨We are open today 1-6pm!

It is the last day to view Adele Dipasquale’s @adele_dipasquale open letter “exercise in mediumship#3: genealogy of refusal”! 💌

✨We are open today 1-6pm!

It is the last day to view Adele Dipasquale’s @adele_dipasquale open letter “exercise in mediumship#3: genealogy of refusal”! 💌